This past summer I needed a fitness reboot. I’ve always enjoyed various group fitness classes but my goal for years has been to attend the gym on my own. What’s prevented me from accomplishing this was the fear of staying motivated and what I would do when I got there. I was familiar with various equipment and exercise techniques but I just had a difficult time putting it all together into workouts. This is where Tara gave me the tools I needed.


We started out with one-on-one personal training sessions so I could get back on track. Then we chatted about what I was hoping to achieve and how I envisioned my workouts at the gym….how many days per week, how long, the variety I wanted and at what intensity level. She then provided me with weekly customized workouts that included a combination of cardio, strength and core. Exactly what I was looking for to keep me challenged and not feeling overwhelmed. She checked in with me from week to week to see how the workouts were going which provided me with the much-needed accountability and motivation.

I’m proud to say that I now consistently attend the gym four days a week (at the completely insane hour of 5:00 am!!) and I am seeing great results! I’m so grateful for Tara’s role in my fitness journey and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make some changes no matter what level. She is genuinely passionate in seeing her clients succeed. 
– Lisa

I met Tara through my massage therapist who had been seeing her for several weeks. The changes I saw in my massage therapist were stunning! I knew within 10 seconds of meeting Tara that this “was the beginning of a beautiful relationship”!

Tara is high energy, coupled with compassion, and knowledge. A great combination! Although I had always been thin all my life, when I reached my 40”s and beyond, that was no longer the case. Together with former knee injuries, I didn’t think I could achieve my goal of weight loss, flexibility and better health.

Over the past couple of months of seeing Tara, I’ve lost several pounds, 8 inches and got rid of many “aches and pains” that massage was not addressing. Tara works around my former injuries, provides me with “homework” for the days I don’t see her, and gives me support. Tara is able to detect quickly and accurately when I’ve had enough, and when I can be pushed more.

The icing on the cake for me, is lower blood pressure. I have a ways to go, but I know with the help, knowledge and support of Tara, my goals will be met. Thank you Tara!!  
– Ramona
I met Tara after going through a very difficult life tragedy. I was fat, depressed and out of shape. Well, after suffering through several months of Tara’s personal training and motivation, I have lost 16 lbs of fat and gained muscle. I have a lot more strength and energy, and I am even starting to find my six pack again. I know, who thought you could do that at 46. Tara is great! She will kick your ass, but make it fun. The only problem is, she will make you have to go buy a whole new wardrobe when she is done with you.   – T


I have been working with Tara Zorn Fitness for over a year and am so glad to have made the decision to work with her. She is a great motivator and challenges me to always strive to push personal boundaries to new heights. Not only do I get a great workout but I have made a friend who makes working out FUN!   – Eena


I love Boot Camp! I was a little skeptical at first because of my age and level of fitness. The classes keep me motivated, each training session is different. Tara is aware of my capabilities and will adapt and modify certain exercises when necessary. I am no longer skeptical because I have lost fat, gained muscle, increased stamina, flexibility and strength.    Ann W.

Tara inspires me. She’s real, encourages, questions, listens, leads by example and kicks my butt….because this is what I signed up for when I decided to commit to doing something good for myself.  I was looking for someone to  help me on my journey with exercise, to help me finally make me a priority in my life and  I found that someone in Tara.

And bootcamp kicks *ss. Sometimes life gets feeling a little heavy.  Mon, Wed, Fridays my abs get a workout alone just from the laughter had with Tara and the great group of gals and guys working  their butts off.  Afterwards grateful to feel lighter both mentally and physically.

Thank you Tara for all that you do and are.   – Hillary Hanna


Imagine …a fun fitness workout!  No effective workout is easy but they can be fun. I have been attending Tara’s boot camp workouts twice a week for over a year now and they are both effective and fun. The group consists of all ages and fitness levels because Tara will skillful adapt the workout to your personal needs. Tara not only knows her stuff but her larger than life personality will keep you coming back for more. It is possible to have fun while working out.   – Holly K.


If you are looking for personal training or bootcamp training, Tara is your girl.  I have been with Tara now for about 8 months.  My goal was to get fit, healthy and lose some weight on the way.  I am now stronger and I have lost some of the weight and all in all feel so much better. I am still on my journey to getting healthier and lose more weight. Tara is very supportive with my goals and continues to encourage me to keep going.  She pushes me me hard and takes me to new levels that I didn’t realize I could do.  She is very personable and truly cares about her clients.  So happy I took the first step to joining bootcamp and look forward to the rest of my journey with Tara.  – Katrina L.
Tara will be the third personal trainer I’ve seen in the past 10 years, but the first to show me real, definable results. Her energy and passion for fitness helps drive me. No two workouts have ever been the same, and she’s constantly looking for new ways to challenge me and push me to my limits while helping me achieve my personal fitness goals. I highly recommend Tara to anyone who’s looking for personal/semi-personal training, or boot camp. She’s unlike any other trainer I’ve found!  – Bree