Weekly Class Schedule


  • MONDAY: Bootcamp – 9am, Restorative Yoga – 7:30pm
  • TUESDAY: Bootcamp – 12pm, Body & Spirit – 7:30pm
  • WEDNESDAY: Bootcamp – 9am
  • THURSDAY: Bootcamp – 12pm, Body & Spirit – 7:30pm
  • FRIDAY: Bootcamp – 9am
  • SATURDAY: Bootcamp – 12pm, Hatha Yoga – 10:15am


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Personal Training

  • 60 min sessions which include a warm-up, strength component, main workout and cool down
  • 1 on 1 training in a private fully equipped studio
  • 1 hour initial fitness assessment
  • Measurements taken every 12 weeks
  • Accountability
  • Goal setting
  • Flexible hours

Mobile services available, on location to your home or work place. Travel fees may apply.


Contact me to arrange your first session!


  • 60 min sessions which include a warm-up, strength component, main workout and cool down
  • Held at a local park during spring and summer
  • Indoor space in the fall and winter months
  • Modifications for appropriate levels
  • Accountability
  • Fitness tracking and goal setting
  • Measurements taken every 12 weeks
  • Group atmosphere
  • All levels are welcome
  • No two workouts the same
  • High-intensity strength training
  • Monthly punch card
  • Drop-ins welcome
  • Starting September 7 Bootcamp will be offered every Saturday morning at 9am. Come as a couple, bring a friend or come alone. This all levels, all ages class is for everyone!


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  • hour class that will be led by the clients’ skill level
  • 1on1 private session
  • client will learn basic paddling techniques from getting on and staying on the board to proper turning, paddling and stopping
  • all equipment is provided
  • local ocean location
  • lifejackets provided and must be worn
  • group classes available up to 12
  • all ages welcome
  • all levels welcome


Contact me to arrange your first session!

Monthly Programming

  • flexibility
  • workout on your own time
  • monthly commitment
  • 3 complete weekly workouts
  • access to a private facebook page for support
  • videos of exercises available through the facebook group
  • access to Tara through email and a private group delivered every Sunday directly to your inbox
  • full body strength training
  • monthly payment required at beginning of month
  • workout at home or in a gym
  • 45-60 minute workout
  • support with fitness tracking and measurements


Contact me to arrange your first session!

Small Group Training

  • 1 to 4 ratio max ( can also be 2 or 3)
  • full body workout
  • 12 week commitment
  • private studio
  • measurements taken every 12 weeks
  • fitness tracking and goal setting
  • accountability
  • all ages and all levels welcome
  • modifications for appropriate levels
  • can create your own group or be placed into a group
  • 60 min (warm up, strength component, workout, cool down and stretch)


Contact me to arrange your first session!