My Journey

Posted February 4, 2018

If you would have told me at the age of 34 I was going to go through a challenging divorce and be on my own raising 2 children I would have thought you were crazy. At 34 I woke up and realized I had no idea who I really was. As I prepared to live a life on my own after 17 years of being with someone, I was forced to dig deep into my soul to awaken the real me. It was at this time I looked to the help of my amazing counselor. I was lost, I was confused and I was unsure of my own beliefs, morals and values.  My counselor helped me find my true self. Within the last 5 years I have challenged all that I have ever known or been taught. I have slowly come into who I am and what I want. I know now for certain what that consists of. It was during this time I also moved into my passion that was planted at the age of 20 to be a personal trainer and went back to school. Re-educating myself, going back to school and balancing single motherhood was an interesting time, however I knew I needed to do this in order to move into a new career.  My first commitment has always been and always will be my children. Going back to work when you are a full-time single mother did present some challenges but it led me to start my own business. I needed and wanted to create a life that worked around my children so with that being said Tara Zorn Fitness was birthed.

I am not a business major; I had no knowledge of running a business, what I do have is passion for changing and healing lives through fitness. During my divorce I stayed steadfast in my workout regiment. It was where I went to gain clarity, to relieve stress and to cry. There were many times you would find me running or at bootcamp doing burpees with tears streaming down my face. Exercise heals and this is why I am so passionate about what I do and what it can do for you. Exercise for me has not been something that comes and goes. It has become my lifestyle and one that I lean into to remain healthy both inside and out. I believe that if we work on ourselves and take on our hurt from the inside that it shows on the outside. You will transform both your mind and body.  I have been in a constant state of change now for 5 years and I continue to move forward in becoming the truest most amazing form of myself.  I believe we are all onions and with each move forward we take away a layer and expose a new layer of who we are.

My business has been running for 2 years now, and is growing. The amazing clients who have been with me since the beginning have been transformed through our work together. I was unsure on how to get more people to see just how fitness could impact their lives. I wasn’t confident with how to find my ideal client, and I was uncertain how to build growth that would sustain a life that provides for my family. I was also unhappy and I wasn’t sure why. There were times of happiness but for the most part life still seemed really tough.

In 2017 I started a journey that would be life changing and one that would be extremely uncomfortable. I stopped drinking, as the emotional rollercoaster it created in my life was one I needed to get off of. I began journaling, meditating, challenging beliefs I was raised within to ensure they were mine and not others. I began listening to myself and trusting my decisions.  I was co-dependent on so many people to lead and direct me that I forgot that I have the power to lead myself. I cut ties with negative people and relationships that didn’t serve me and moved to create and attract like-minded people. It’s through this time that I felt the urgency to dive into building my business and I decided to hire a coach. In October 2017 I said “YES” to me and to entering into a relationship with myself that would propel and change my life forever. Not only did my business start to grow immediately but the change in myself was also underway. I started to recognize patterns in my life. I saw clearly how the language I used was holding me back from moving forward. I realized my business was not just about fitness and training but also coaching. As I started to build my business I became aware I was the one hindering my personal growth, which in return hindered my business. By examining and exploring the depths of who I am I knew I had to take risks to move my business forward.  I have sat in some many uncomfortable feelings, looked at some very hard situations and also ended some very dependent relationships. I choose to move forward in faith and leave all fear behind. I will be obedient to the prompting that is leading me through this journey and I will move only towards the uncomfortable and continue to change. Through this I know I will be in a place to better serve and give to my future clients. I am secure and know my worth and self-love is beyond what anyone else can give to me.

My passion is empowerment through fitness and I know exercise not only heals our bodies but also our minds. My desire is to assist women in finding their physical and inner strength to break down the walls they have created within themselves. Fitness healed my heart; my life is to help others heal theirs too. I look forward to sharing a coffee or a sweat with you to learn how I can assist you in changing your life!