Meet Ann!

Posted November 2, 2020

Ann offers yoga to my clients Monday nights at 7:30pm, Saturday mornings at 10:15am and together we teach Body & Spirit Tuesday and Thursdays at 7:30pm. Ann owns WaterfallYoga and I have known her for over 20 years. Together I believe we can meet all your wellness needs. Here is a little more about her:

Hi, I am Ann and I am a consultant with Solstice Consulting and yoga instructor with WaterfallYoga. The life I lead is full, I am happy and blessed to do what I love. I started WaterfallYoga five years ago because I believe it is important to participate in activities that make you happy. It was an easy decision for me to start this business. I cultivate opportunities for people to feel connected and content through yoga. A practice grounded in: clarity, mind, body and renewal. I teach yoga @tarazornfitness and am grateful for the partnership. I also sub at YogaFlow Studio in Langley BC.

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I did The AC Show Podcast!

Posted April 22, 2020

So I did this thing yesterday that was way out of my comfort zone!

If you would like to know more about me and my journey check out The AC Show podcast. Available on Apple pods, Spotify, Google, or at

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Exercise and MS


I’m very familiar with pain.

And coordination problems.

And intense fatigue.

Living with MS is hard. It’s constant. It’s painful and debilitating and sometimes depressing.

But I’ve learned that the only things I can control in life are my choices and my reactions.  Especially with regard to my MS.  The disease itself is not mine to puppeteer.

And MS won’t stop me.  Pain won’t stop me, imbalance won’t stop me.

They never have.  Maybe I’m stubborn or maybe I’m determined.

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Saturday 9am Bootcamp!

Posted August 15, 2019

You asked for it and I have heard you!

Starting September 7 Bootcamp will be offered every Saturday morning. Come as a couple, bring a friend or come alone. This all levels, all ages class is for everyone!

Join us!


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Tara Zorn Fitness in Grandview & The King George Corridor, meet the Personal Trainer Tara Lasko

Posted January 27, 2019

Watch, listen and read about Tara Lasko from Tara Zorn Fitness about how she changed her life and became a Personal Trainer and successful business owner teaching private classes, group classes and Bootcamp in South Surrey/White Rock. Call Tara on 604 365 9240.

Describe your business
Tara Zorn Fitness is a place where woman can come to meet their fitness goals, also to work on better improving their whole selves. It is a safe place to come to encourage and help each other.

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You may ask “Why does exercise heal, Tara?”

Posted April 14, 2018

Many years ago I was in a very stressful job and the doctor prescribed anti-depressants to help me cope. I was on the pills for 10 days when I decided to go off them and I started running. I researched other methods that fought against stress, anxiety and depression as I believed there was a natural way to manage and cope with my life. I soon realized that regular exercise reduced my stress, helped stabilize my mood and gave me way more energy. I was in my early 20’s when I made this discovery and physical activity became part of my life which then became my lifestyle.

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My Journey

Posted February 4, 2018

If you would have told me at the age of 34 I was going to go through a challenging divorce and be on my own raising 2 children I would have thought you were crazy. At 34 I woke up and realized I had no idea who I really was. As I prepared to live a life on my own after 17 years of being with someone, I was forced to dig deep into my soul to awaken the real me. It was at this time I looked to the help of my amazing counselor. I was lost, I was confused and I was unsure of my own beliefs, morals and values.  

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